Applying for Study Abroad

Students from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, UH-System Schools and other Universities are welcome to apply.

All applicants will be judged on their academic performance, reasons for wishing to study abroad, flexibility and sensitivity to other cultures, and ability to adjust to a new cultural setting.

Submit your completed application and fee to the Center for Philippine Studies, Moore Hall 415. Applications missing any of the following elements will be deemed incomplete and not considered for review.

If you have questions regarding the application process and financial aid, please visit Frequently Asked Questions and Funding Sources, respectively.

1. Forms

A. Application Forms

Please download, fill out, and print the appropriate application form.

B. Academic Confidential Reference Forms

i. Filling out the Reference Forms

Please make sure that you have filled out your name, email address, the program location and the term you are applying for in the box on the top right corner of the form before asking your teacher to write a reference for you. This ensures that we will be able to match your application with your reference forms, should they be submitted separately.

Note: By signing the waiver statement, you waive your right to review what your referee wrote about you.

ii. Types of References (Revised February 27, 2014)

References must be completed by your past or current University/College course instructors who have provided or will provide you with a grade.

iii. Required Number of References (Revised February 27, 2014)

  • Semester/Year programs: Three (3) academic references OR two (2) academic references + one (1) employment supervisor

Letters of recommendation must be accompanied by UHMSAC reference forms.

Repeat Study Abroad Center applicants 

  • Students who have already successfully completed a UHMSAC program and are applying for another program or term need only one (1) reference form filled out by their former faculty Resident Director and/or equivalent academic personnel.
  • Students who studied abroad independently and did not report to an on-site academic personnel must submit three (3) academic references OR two (2) academic references + one (1) employmentsupervisor .

iv. Submission of Reference Forms

Reference forms and letters may be submitted to the Study Abroad Center by the following methods:

  • Via United States Postal Services
  • Via Campus Mail Services
  • Via personal delivery – by evaluator, by student assistant, or by applicant (as long as reference form and letter are sealed in envelope)
  • Via fax to 808.956.2682, and follow up with original forms and letters

Reference forms must be received by the Study Abroad Center by 4:30 pm on the specified deadline, therefore please allow ample delivery time.

C. Transcripts

  • Transcripts are not required for UH-system students
  • First-year college students require a high school transcript.
  • Transfer students with records that do not appear on their STAR report require a transcript from former institutions.
  • Students from non UH-System schools must submit a transcript from all institutions attended.

Transcripts should be mailed directly from the school to the Study Abroad Center. Please indicate on transcript and/or transcript request form which Study Abroad program location the transcript/application is for.

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Study Abroad Center
1890 East-West Road, Moore 115
Honolulu, HI 96822

D. Visa Status (Non-U.S. Citizens Only)

Submit a copy of the document that allows you to legally study/live in the U.S.: DS 2019 (J-1 visa holders), I-20 (F-1 visa holders) or Alien Registration Card (permanent residents).

2. Deadlines

Deadline for Submission for Fall 2015: April 1

If any of the above dates falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline will either be moved up to the business day before, or postponed to business day after, at the discretion of the Study Abroad Center. For example, February 17, 2014 occured on a holiday (Presidents’ Day), so the deadline was postponed to Tuesday, February 18.*The Study Abroad Center is closed on weekends, and Federal and State holidays.