Curriculum and Service Learning Internships

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Course offerings

UHM students may take any of the course offerings in the undergraduate programs of the Loyola Schools (LS) provided that they have taken prerequisite subjects for these courses and received approval from respective LS department chairs. UHM students may take classes across the four schools. International students are encouraged to take Filipino Language for Foreigners. Please see enclosed list of undergraduate courses from SY 2013-2014. The updated syllabi for these courses will be made available upon request from the LS departments.

Current list of courses for the semester, students are advised to base their choices on the preceding school year’s course offerings:

On the website, students will need to select the current academic year: SY 2014-2015 and choose the first semester then choose the relevant department. When selecting courses, students need to make sure they are selecting the correct level (Undergraduate courses are specified as “U” in the level column). Selection of Loyola Schools courses does not however mean they will be assured of the class right away.

Students are advised to check the website one month before classes begin for the final list of course offerings for the first semester.

Past course syllabi:

Course load and credits

UHM students may take a minimum of 4 courses (12 units) and a maximum of 5 courses (15 units). The course load and credits at the Ateneo de Manila University is patterned after the U.S. Credit System which assumes that a normal full-time registration is 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per academic year. In the Philippines, most universities operate on an academic year divided into two equal semesters of 18 weeks’ duration. 1 credit hour represents 1 lecture hour or 2 laboratory hours of scheduled class time per week. Most lecture courses are awarded 3 credit hours. A course with 3 credits translates to 3 contact hours per week for 18 weeks. Over an entire semester, this formula represents 54 hours of class time per 3-credit subject.

Service Learning Internships

UHM  students  may  participate  in  the  Service  Learning  Programs  offered  by  the  Ateneo   Office  of  Social  Concern  and  Involvement  (OSCI):

Internships  to  companies  or  institutions  may  be  arranged  in  close  coordination  with  the  LS   departments  offering  the  internship  program.

Fall Schedule

Ateneo’s first semester begins August 10, 2015 and ends December 12, 2015. Orientation dates for all international visiting students is August 7 and 8, 2015.